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Секция за често задавани въпроси

  • What does the dashboard show?

    Highlights for the past 24 hours/ 3 days

    • News sorted by regions and topics of interest
    • The most important news
    • Statistics on your company’s reputation and competitors, followers on social media
    • Statistics on the most popular companies and opinion dynamics
    • Statistics on the most active information providers and popular entities
    • All the news in figures
  • What does the Opinion Board show?

    • Statistics on mentions of entities in the media and the web for a timespan of 24/48 hours, a week or a month
    • Opinion dynamics
  • What does the Topic show?

    List of news related to the defined keywords for this topic
  • What do the news details include?

    • Publication date
    • News source
    • Topics of interest related to the news item
    • Hyperlink to the original article
    • People, companies and organisations mentioned in the news item
    • List of related news
    • Share button
  • How to add a topic of interest?

    • To add a topic, open the navigation bar and click on +Add new topic or open the menu and click on Topics of interest
    • Аdd keywords and phrases specific for your topic and press Enter.
    • To add companies or organisations as keywords, type the name and click on the suggestions below.
    • To search in Twitter follow the keyword format: #hashtag, @mentions, :from, $word
    • To hone in on a specific topic, add another set of keywords. Every news item will then contain at least one word from each group of keywords.
    • To filter the information by industry, click on its checkbox..
    • To search the entire web do not select industry.
    • Click on Save.
  • How to edit topics

    • Select Topics of interest from the menu.
    • All available topics will appear. Below the topic title there is an extract from the latest news item from that topic.
    • To edit profile settings click on the edit icon.
    • Change the title of the topic in the first section.
    • Change keywords and phrases and press Enter to save it.
    • Companies or organisations are in grey colour, Twitter keywords in blue.
    • Add keywords To exclude content with these words in the third section.
    • Click on Save to apply changes.
  • How to add or change an industry?

    • Select Industries from the Menu.
    • You will see a list of all the available industries
    • Below the industry title you can see all topics in that industry
    • To select an industry, click on the title and its colour will change from black to red. Click again to deselect the industry.
    • You can choose a maximum of 3 industries.
  • How to filter the news stream

    • Use the filter to find news on a specific subject. You can search news on a certain subject related to an existing Graze topic by selecting a topic from the navigation bar.
    • To filter the news stream, select Filter from the closed navigation bar. Type a keyword in the text box and click Save.
    • A list of news items on the specific subject will be generated.
  • How to search the content

    • Search by words or phrases - type a word or phrase in the search bar and click on the magnifier
    • Search by words or phrases for period of time by clicking on the magnifier icon on the right side of the news list.
    • Search for the most important news. Click on the news articles in the section Highlights on the Dashboard.
    • Search by region - select the number of news items on the map for a region of your interest.
    • Search for news about your company and competitors. Click on the names in the pie chart Me & My competitors to see the news list.
    • Search for news on the most popular companies by clicking on the names in the Opinion Board on the Dashboard.
  • How to sign up for another Graze plan

    Select My account from the Menu. Click on Upgrade subscription to renew or change your Graze plan.
  • How to receive content in other languages

    Select My account from the Menu. Click on a language to select or deselect it. Selected languages are marked with a ‘+’, deselected languages are marked with a ‘-’.
  • How to remove topics from the navigation bar

    Select My account from the Menu. Selected topics are marked with a ‘+’, deselected topics are marked with a ‘-’. Click on a topic to select or deselect it.
  • How to add email alerts for new items

    Select My feeds from the Menu. In order to get news updates in your inbox, follow the instructions on the page.
  • How to read news from social media

    Choose a Topic and click on the icon # on the right next to the news list to get a list of updates from social media. Click on the icon # again to switch back to reading news on the Topic.
  • How to get statistics on the news

    Click on the icon "Reports and Statistics" on the right to run statistics on the current list of news.Click on the icon # again to switch back to reading news on the Topic.