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Big data analyses
Graze uses linguistic technologies to
Collect, translate and analyse information essential for the users business
Monitor evolving content on specific websites, RSS feeds and the web
Detect new information on any monitored website real time
Highlight trends within the content
Provide data anlyses and statistics on collected content instantaneously
Analyse and explore aggregated content and turn it into a business asset.
Graze gives its users the independence to be creative.

Expand resources

The platform queries 1840 information channels, providing 31 000 articles totalling 15 500 000 words daily, runs search through Google and Bing search engines every 30 min, performs Twitter search with 350 000 tweets per minute. It then runs linguistic analysis on the search results to provide the user with content concerning their business in realtime.

Contextualise content

You contribute personally as you build your topics of interest to target information related to your specific business needs. Graze widens the scope to include data about trends, markets and scientific achievements within your industry.

Gaining knowledge

The collected content is indexed for full reference and search capabilities. Reputation management tools process content to show the companys standing. Statistics in Graze show the dynamics of the relations between enterprises and topics over periods of time. Algorithms for event detection, prediction, decision making can be implemented and run upon request.

Crossing language barriers

Graze runs a search for user’s content from data in languages that they do not speak. The news life stream gets translated automatically by Graze to give the user direct access to all information on the spot.


Graze integrates innovative data processing and language technologies, text mining semantic modeling, multilingual clustering, summarisation methods and machine translation. Graze platform constitutes a complete end-to-end Big Data solution that can be configured to support the data processing needs of any organisation. The platform can be easily integrated within the data management solutions software of the company.

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