Monitor the web for your business needs

Analyse information about your business, competitors and industry as it emerges

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Investigate your market
Realtime Social and Media Monitoring
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Monitor the web with keywords for focused business content
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Be the first to detect new events from your business content
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Follow the dynamics of your customers’ needs, changes in the supply chain, major decisions of market players
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Review peaks and troughs in your reputation on the web
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Act on customer opinion, the launch of a rival product or a newly published tender
My reasons to choose Graze
I get answers to all questions I would have to ask Google every hour
I know what the press and business think about my company at any time
I shadow competitors, track market trends
I can find that article from last month
I read in many languages with machine translation
I learn about public tenders within the hour
I follow topics as they progress in Twitter, audience growth in Facebook and Google and its sentiment towards my business
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Pricing table
Graze analyses per day
21915 articles
2846 sources
40348 tweets
24 languages
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Case Studies
case study


A hardware company uses Graze to monitor the web for public tender offers

case study


A bank uses Graze to monitor its reputation

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A telecom uses Graze to monitor competitors websites

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A commodity trading company uses Graze to monitor oil related topics